CS373: Software Engineering Blog #10

This past week I worked to finish up phase II of the project which was very stressful. My team and I worked long hours, but still weren’t able to get as much done as we would like. After Tuesday, I took a break from the project but have been working on the frontend of our website in my free time to get it to look nicer and more professional.

Right now, what’s in my way is just the time I need to spend on my other classes as I have lots of assignments and exams at this time that are competing for my time. I would like to devote more time to the SWE project because I’m genuinely interested in learning more about web development, but I also have to spend time on my other classes.

Next week I’m going to work with my team to finish the requirements of phase 3 and continue to work on improving the frontend of our website.

I thought it was a great read. I fall victim to a lot of the traits of bad design that they mentioned in the article, but I now feel comfortable with the concept of dependency inversion principle and hope to incorporate it into more of my code when I do backend work.

I was really confused with these concepts at first, but after the exercise I feel a lot more comfortable with how/when to use it and why it is useful when coding in python.

I hung out with my fellow tech leads on my Convergent team after our weekly meeting and it was really fun. We got dinner and hung out at my friend’s apartment.

My pick of the week is to watch youtube tutorials on how to do things especially when it comes to things like constructing your frontend with React, which can get pretty complex. I’m learning how to do cool animations with our website and also learning the conventions of coding in React and shortcuts as well.



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