CS371p Spring 2022: Lilia Li Blog #12

This past week I finished up the Darwin project with my partner. We had to go to a help session to iron out a few details with our implementation which was very helpful. We were able to finish it a day early which was very helpful to me because I had another project due the next day for iOS so I definitely needed the extra day to dedicate to that.

Right now nothing is in my way. Last week was pretty busy with the Darwin project and other projects for my other classes due, but now I feel much more free and relaxed!

Next week I will work on some assignments for my other classes!

I thought it was interesting because extends is something that I believe is still taught in a lot of intro programming classes to this day with a lot of instructors touting the importance of implementation inheritance, but this article took a strong stance against it. All of the author’s points on why it should be avoided made sense and I can see how it makes the program design very rigid and difficult to change. It would also make code maintenance much easier.

I appreciated the exercises in class because they gave a lot of insight as to how to use the concepts that Downing taught into practice to build some of these data structures with all of the benefits that Downing mentioned.

This past weekend I went on a barge with TX Convergent and it was a lot of fun!

My tip of the week is to work on the projects with a partner! Pair programming really led to much fewer mistakes in the implementation and was faster as well because we caught each other’s mistakes and didn’t have to constantly rerun the program to figure them out. Also, she kept me accountable in terms of time management and made it a lot less stressful of an experience!



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